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1 Day Seminar

Get motivated and stay motivated! After hundreds of presentations to over 30,000 students in 6 countries… Brent Williams has proven to be one of the best facilitators in the country.


This 1-day “experiential” workshop will have your students revved up and ready to conquer the world. It is a high energy; interactive day which Brent can tailor to each schools specific needs and wants. This workshop can be run at school or at a school camp.

The success of the day is down to the unique blend of stories, games, activities and processes that will combine valuable education with entertainment to ensure all students and both engaged and involved through the day.

The flow of the day is based on Brent’s best selling book “The World At Your Feet” which outlines the 7-keys to success formula.

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7-keys to success formula.

Key 1

Make a decision to take total responsibility for your own life and everything that happens to you. Just because things are the way they are, doesn’t mean that is the way things need to be. The past does not equal the future. Step up to the plate and become the creator of your own destiny. 

Key 2

What are your goals? What are your dreams? And most importantly, what ideally do you want your future to look like? You are constructing your life in advance. Understand that goals are important. They must be written down. Review them daily and constantly visualize yourself already having all that you want. 

Key 3

Work out what is the type of person you need to become to achieve the results you need in life. What kind of Attitude, Knowledge and Skills do you need? This is your identity. It is how you project yourself from the inside out and what you think you are capable of doing in your life. 

Key 4

People never care about the things you say you will do, they are only interested in results you achieve from the action you take. It is a fact that anything worthwhile in life does not happen by accident. You must go after it and make it happen. 

Key 5

The line between where you are right now and where you want to be in the future is never straight. It is like a winding road. If you are not achieving your goals you need to do more work to change “Who you are” or you need to get out there and “Take Action”. What is needed, to succeed in anything, is both persistence and behavioral flexibility. 

Key 6

Whatever dream you have, chances are that someone already out there is living it. They have invested their own time, money, and resources and have made the costly mistakes. Find the people, learn the recipe and follow it. 

Key 7

Success is never about having the great house, the amazing car, or the fruitful business. It is who you have become in the process, the changes you have made and the way in which you have grown – the moments in time that make you who you are. So enjoy the journey…