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2 Day Seminar

Get motivated and stay motivated! After hundreds of presentations to over 30,000 students in 6 countries… Brent Williams has proven to be one of the best facilitators in the country.


The 2-Day personal development program Empower U has already been acclaimed as one of the best of tis kind in the world today. Specially designed for all young people between 13 and 24 years of age, Empower U has touched the lives of thousands of young people, achieving phenomenal results.

The Empower U program will change your students life in the most positive way imaginable. It also teaches practical life skills, not focused on in schools. Areas covered include goal setting, communication, leadership, teamwork, career success, money management,
creative thinking and much more!

The Ideal Learning Environment

The 2-Day Empower U program covers powerful life changing information that is presented in an interactive and fun way. This ideal learning environment is created by the production team who guarantee a great experience. With an enormous sound system, concert lighting and giant video screen there will be plenty of inspirational music, movies, and interactive, fun activities.

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Full 2-Day Seminar (9am to 9pm)

Belief Systems

The idea of this section is to firstly recognize what beliefs are and why they are important. Then to realize that we may have some beliefs that don’t serve us anymore. Lastly to identify how beliefs are formed and the way in which we as human beings can either hold onto them or let them go. This section in many ways is the foundation from which everything else is built on. Simply for the fact that every other section will be seen by the participant through there individual belief systems. We come back to this section during the board break.

  • Exactly how the personality of who you are is formed
  • What are the different types of beliefs we can have
  • Where do different beliefs come from and how do they exist
How we can break down old negative beliefs and how to install new, positive and empowering beliefs to set you up for success in life

Emotional Intelligence

To firstly recognize that everything we do as human beings are centered around the way we feel. The key to this sections 
success is very much in the “AHA” factor. What I mean by that is the realization of how we do these things in our everyday lives unconsciously. The idea behind this section is to become consciously competent of the techniques to enable individuals to have more emotional control in times of stress and pressure.

  • The ultimate drive for human beings and how it impacts on our life
  • The 3 magic keys to controlling your emotions and change how you feel instantly
  • Why some people always have problems in life and how you can avoid falling into that trap
  • How to manage your state so that you can stay focused in any situation


This section is as much about having fun with the participants as it is about the importance of creativity. The section revolves around the idea that creative potential is a direct reflection of your ability to excel in the workforce through teamwork, problem solving and lateral thinking. We convey this through a series of theatre sports games that gets participants out of their comfort zones and doing things that they have not done before. Lots of fun.

  • The importance of creativity in achieving a successful career
  • Why the top businessmen and women rely on creative thinking as opposed to facts and figures
  • The conscious and subconscious and how to tap into your greatest power

Goal Setting

This is certainly one of the more tangible sections of the program and one that is taken very seriously. We go through a lot of powerful goal setting techniques but also the
science behind how they actually 
work. This section has been found to be extremely valuable to the participants that are really engaged in the program as it requires a lot more focus and input than the other sections up to this point.

  • Why true goal setting is never taught at school and the secret behind this amazing skill
  • Why all successful people state that goals are the fundamental groundwork to anyone achieving success
  • The 7 secret steps to goal setting
  • How to maintain focus, certainty and direction with your goals when times are tough and 
things can seem to be overwhelming
  • The key steps to writing and remembering goals using the S.M.A.R.T system

Breaking through Barriers

This process is certainly one of the highlights of the program and something that we take very seriously. It is based around the idea that the board represents a metaphor and a reference to

  1. All of the negative things that have/are effecting a participant and
  2. All of the things that the participants wants to be/do/have.

One side is negative the other being positive. The key to the board breaks emotional impact is the leverage that we create
leading up to the process. This way the participant is so emotionally connected to what’s on the board as opposed to it being just a physical challenge.

  • How to identify any limiting beliefs and discover what beliefs you need to have to achieve the success you want
  • How to tap into your inner strength and break through anything that may be holding you back

Communication Skills

This is probably one of the most applied sections of the program. Mainly because it is used every day. We focus on simple ideas around the importance of tone, body language and posture around effective communication. We use lots of examples from social situations to job interviews. 
This section comes at a great time as it is the start of the Sunday and a time where they are really into the program. It is very high energy with a lot of practical skills taught.

  • Why people know how to talk yet consistently fail to clearly communicate
Why it is such an important skill to develop to ensure success in all areas of your life
How to communicate on an unconscious level to get your point across
  • 3 powerful principles to effective communication in any situation through any medium

Money & Finance

This section was designed to give participants a basic understanding of money and finance. We start off with basic ideas around tax and savings and then lead into more complex ideas around compound interest and investment strategies. We also brainstorm basic idea on how to save money. This is another content rich section that gives participants confidence in the area of money.

  • The difference between Academic, Professional, and Financial intelligence
  • How our banks work and what to do to maximize your savings
  • 3 steps to becoming rich
  • The secret ingredient to getting extraordinary results through what Albert Einstein referred to as the “greatest invention of mankind”
  • How you can be financially free while flipping burgers at McDonalds

Career & Wrap Up

This sections purpose is very much to tie in everything taught over the weekend. We also share some key ideas and principals about mindset and attitude with regards to careers. 
This is probably the funniest section of the program due to the colorful stories and activities.

  • How the economic climate is changing and how you can take advantage of it to gain the career you want
  • The importance of modeling when pursuing a career and how to do it
  • The 6 steps to career success
  • The secret to reaching the top of any career fast
  • Learn key ideas and concepts that are essential to lock in all of the 
success principals learnt over the weekend