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Known as an expert in team morale, productivity and success, Brent Williams is an international best selling author, writing his first “The World at Your Feet” at the age of 19, recipient of the “Gen Y Leader of the Year” award, business entrepreneur and an inspirational speaker. Brent’s passion for seeing people motivated has lead him to speak to thousands of people internationally, developing a range of courses for students and corporate teams that have proven their effectiveness time and time again.


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  • “I am always skeptical when ‘motivational speaker’ come to school. However Brents presentation to the year group was nothing short of amazing. His energy is infectious and his impact on the students was something i have never seen before. The best part of Brents presentation was that he is extremely relatable and seems to know how to communicate with students to get his messages across.”
    ~ Dean Burello, School Captain, Rosebank College, Fivedock

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